Team Handbook

Spot Awards

Spot Award means one time token appreciation to the employees in recognition of specific one time achievement that far exceeds either performance expectations or the scope of individual’s job responsibilities
• All the regular employees/remote employees/ contractors of the Company.
  • A nomination for spot award is initiated as soon as possible after the contribution occurs.
  • The Immediate Manager acknowledges the contribution and initiates the nomination in the prescribed format as soon as possible and forwards to CXO for consideration and approval and HR for further necessary action.
  • There is no set limit on the number of spot awards that an employee can get in a calendar year.
  • Each spot award is in the form of an Appreciation Certificate and a Cash or Gift Coupons/ Vouchers or Gifts of equivalent eligible amount.
  • Mention of such spot awards may also be made in the annual performance appraisal form of the employee.
  • Spot awards must be given out in a public gathering either at the departmental meeting or at the business gathering where all employees are present.
  • Spot Award Amount: The monetary quantum of award designation and contribution wise range from INR 3,000/ to INR 21,000.