Team Handbook

Our Values

We started Terasol with the idea to build a team of makers. A team that is passionate about building great digital products. Writing these values down has helped us document what we believe in.

A common goal but loosely coupled

We want to deliver state of the art digital products to our customers. Whether it is design, engineering, or project management, we want to go the extra mile.
What framework would best suit the customer’s needs? What design language to use? It's the small things that matter. We want everyone to take these decisions keeping your customer and the customer’s user in mind.

We are Responsible

We want everyone to do the right thing. Not because you were told to do it, simply because that's what we should be doing in the first place.
We want you to take ownership in terms of mentoring others or learning something new on a project.
What sets us apart is not adhering to “This is not a part of my job” attitude.

We are always learning

The digital world changes very fast. When we started the company we were in the midst of a mobile revolution. Products were being re-thought of to be mobile-first, usage was changing and digital transformation had a different meaning than what it stands for now. This trend of change will continue.
We want you to be on top of what is happening in your respective field. You have to be okay with change, you have to embrace it.

We communicate openly

Each individual has a unique set of beliefs, views, and aspirations. In these differences lies the essence of building a product that truly caters to us all.
We want you to voice your opinion. We want you to disagree on something if it doesn’t adhere to what you think the product should do. However, give positive criticism only. We want you to communicate in a manner that promotes positive conversation.

We are Selfless

Do what’s right for our customers, their users, and not what’s right for you. When we all start practicing this you may notice that your needs will automatically be met.