Team Handbook

Team Culture

We think a small group of skilled people who have our values is a force to reckon with. Over the years we’ve built such a team and are always looking for like-minded people.
We don’t believe in hiring in numbers or hiring for the years of experience someone has. That has never worked for us. We believe in hiring for character and skill-set. A group of people who don't have the "This is not a part of my job" attitude leads to an environment where one is naturally learning. This is our dream team

How do we choose the good people?

It would be difficult to define this process as we're learning about people and how we hire. Here are some questions we ask ourselves when evaluating candidates:
  • What will we learn from the candidate?
  • Can the candidate lead a team?
  • Does the candidate have the ability to learn?
Above all what we value are people who are productive. People who don't worry about "how" to get to the end goal, rather deconstruct a problem into smaller bite-sized goals. People who are communicative, creative, and believe in team spirit.

We value T-shaped people

The horizontal bar on the "T" symbolizes a range of skills i.e. a generalist and the vertical bar is the depth is one skill i.e. a specialist. We're looking for people who have both.
If a person is just a generalist without deep expertise in an area they are usually on the sidelines. Specialists aren't able to adapt and work across projects.

Hiring is the same across the board

Whether we're hiring engineers, designers, project managers, or an office admin what we look for remains the same. Processes followed might be different but the above will always stand true.