Team Handbook

Software Checklist

We use a lot of software to manage our own organisation. Here's a laundry list of the different bits and bobs that are floating around, which might be useful to you.
Terasol Email: Well this would be created by HR team on day 1 or before that. And access of all tools and resources will be shared to you on this email only. This is your Terasol email address. This generally looks like <[email protected]>
Google Workspace: From your Terasol email, you need to create a Google Workspace account and use same account to use for Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Forms, Calendar, Meetings etc and also for 3rd party Sign In process.
Slack Workspace: The majority of our communication happens inside Slack. Make sure that you follow the appropriate slack-communication-etiquette. As long as you have an Terasol email id, or you have been given guest access, you will be able to log in.
Zoho People: This is are HR tool used for attendance, leave, timelog and Performance Management. It also helps us digitalise and automate workflow around onboarding, asset allocation, travel, reimbursement and exit formalities. Integrated with Zoho Payroll where financial information resides, it also helps in generating salary slips, view the upcoming month's salary slips and apply for reimbursements on expenses incurred during work. The login is created by the HR team and you get an invite to join on Day 1

For Engineering, Design and Marketing tools access like (Jira, Github, Figma, Sketch, Hubspot, Mailchimp etc). Reach out to your respective mentor or department leads.